Who We Are

We are global connectors providing opportunities for accessible knowledge and global best practices. We exist as a world forum for public-private partnerships where our clients include corporations, financial institutions, governments and high-net-worth individuals. Our goal is to help establish legal, regulatory, and institutional frameworks for collaborations along with taking these projects successfully to the market. We enhance the capacity of the public and private sectors revolving around the representation and protection of the interests of both sides as well as the promotion of friendly relations.

What We Do

We integrate major stakeholders, encourage joint ventures and channelize bank finance and investments. We provide you opportunities in technology transfers, import-export promotion, exchange of know-how, strategic analysis of business ideas, assistance with multi-national political and policy barriers, setting up industries, Investors and strategic business partners. We provide a platform to SMEs for connectivity, domestic business growth, imparting knowledge, capacity building, interface with policy makers, interaction with CEOs of multinational companies, banks, government officials, overseas SMEs etc.


Where we can take you

We are your platform to bridge an ideal public-private partnership giving you the opportunity to network with states, ministries, government dignitaries, diplomats and members of financial institutions. Being catalysts of your growth and ensuring protection of your interests, we invite you to get in touch now to register for this upcoming event.



Why You Should Be Here

Be a part of this vibrant and global platform and be in the midst of international exposure for a rich mix of discussions on business in the MENA region. We provide you with openings where you will be meeting ministry heads and corporate giants and a private collaboration with multi-national companies can be arranged. This is your chance to broadcast the needs of your business and also access projects and bid for tenders. So now access global sourcing and project your accomplishments and awards all over the world through our newsletters which will be circulated around the globe.
Benefits to Members
► Invites to all networking events and meetings
► Investment planning and preference
► Speaker Opportunities
► R & D of new projects
► Help in government approvals for projects.
► Showcasing your business to Diplomat Summit users through agenda        setting, social media, e-newsletters and e-magazines.
► Corporate videos which will be updated monthly.
Connect with us
Diplomats Summit LTD
Worchester Park, Surrey Great Britain,
London UK T: +44 2034329997 | +44 7407100049

Dubai U.A.E - Marketing Agency: +971 4 2695999 | +971 50 3444 805
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