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Empowering Women

A woman of today. She is definitely a master inside the kitchen, but there’s lot more to her skills beyond the walls. A mission into space, a power in politics, a flight of responsibility, a doyen in business, an inspiration on the screen, and so on….a wom


Being a global consortium, the onus is on us to pull sources together across local and international establishments. Every association by Diplomats Summit adds to the strength of its network, providing multiple growth opportunities and opening the doors for infinite possibilities.


Find insights into the world of business, know more about the happenings across industries, and see the world of changing trends through the eyes of the President.From marketing to business and trade development, know about them all.

DS Foundation

The Diplomats Summit Foundation

They say, “Play is the highest form of research”, but what if ‘play’ defines ‘cleaning homes’, ‘washing cars’ and ‘selling toys’? Unfortunately, there are so many kids who are not privileged to play, explore, learn and go to school. What about their potential? They are kids after all; full of curiosity and whose wings are burdened by numerous responsibilities. Who’s going to

International Affairs

Global travel and tourism sector converge at Dubai’s ATM 2017

In addition to the extended exhibition, ATM 2017 will also offer a full programme of seminar sessions.
Travel trade professionals from across the world's hospitality industry will descend upon Dubai on Monday, April 24th for the opening of Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2017. The event is the region's leading travel industry showcase. Simon Press, Senior Exhibition Director

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I Fix My City Initiatives

I Fix My City Initiatives

Whichever city we hail from, however far we travel, at the end of day, we belong home, we love our respective nations. And as a responsible citizen, the onus is on us to stand up for what we feel is not right. Sometimes we see worn out roads, come across garbage disposal problems, or find something that upsets us from within. In such times, we encourages ourselves to make things perfect around us.

Youth Initiatives

A diamond that shines brilliantly was once uncut and raw. It takes a professional cutter to cut, shape and polish the diamond with precision; to bring it to its maximum potential and exposure of all i